Accountancy & Tax


Looking after your taxes and accounts is a difficult job, especially for small businesses, sole traders, and the self-employed. By hiring tax and accountancy services from Samal Ltd, you can rest assured that your finances are taken care of. Based in South Croydon, Surrey, we care about you and your money, not just receiving a fee. Through a flexible approach, we offer advice on almost any issue or situation, helping you to save money at every opportunity. Since 2005, we have been registered with the HMRC, while we have Russian-speaking staff available upon request.

Our wide range of tax and accountancy services covers:

  • Bookkeeping for Self-Employed People and Small Companies
  • Corporate Tax Returns and Final Year-End Accounts for Small Companies
  • Help with Starting a New Limited Company
  • Help with Starting Self-Employment
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Returns and Self-Assessments for Individuals (Self-Employed People, Sole Traders, CIS Subcontractors, and Directors of Small Companies)
  • VAT Returns

The Advantages of Working with Us

All potential customers receive free initial advice on their tax-related matters. If you then decide to become our client and take up one of our services, you will receive free advice on all tax matters at any time. Simple clerical advice is also available from our expert team. All of this, as well as our tax, accountancy, and benefits consultancy services, are available at very competitive prices.

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Tax Returns for Individuals

At Samal Ltd, we provide an extremely fast service, with tax returns being completed and submitted to HMRC within 3 days of the date you give to us. You will also receive the copies of the submitted tax returns and any other related paperwork by email within 3 days. Additionally, our experienced financial team deal with HMRC on your behalf at no extra cost, whether chasing up a refund or ensuring your returns are compliant.

For straightforward tax returns, we charge a one-off fee of £80. If the return is more complex, we charge £100 or 10% of the refund acquired.

Please note that fees for companies are set by negotiation and depend on individual circumstances.